Roof Painting Services and Other Effective Ways to Maintain Your Metal Roofing

With so many roofing types available on the market, it’s so hard to choose the right one for your home. If you know what features you want, however, decision-making can be a breeze. For instance, if you are looking for longevity and flexibility, your best bet is a metal roof. Lighter than wood shakes and slate, metal roofs are easy to install and just as durable.

That said, metal roofs are tricky to maintain. Unlike tile and slate that require minimal upkeep, metal roofing has to be regularly checked to make sure no damage is shortening its life. Here are a few maintenance tips you can follow if you have a metal roof you want to last a lifetime.

Clean It Regularly

Regular cleaning is a necessary step in maintaining a roof regardless of its type, but metal roofing seems to need it more than the others. This is because dirt and debris, particularly the organic ones such as leaves and twigs, may cause the metal to corrode. Even if the metal used is non-ferrous or does not contain iron, it may still corrode. The trick is to eliminate any substance that can trigger corrosion and seal the surface of the roof.

Removing Rust

When you find patches of rust on the surface of your roof, clean it right away to prevent it from spreading and cutting through the panels or shingles. Do not use a steel brush to remove excess rust because too much pressure might poke a hole into severely rusted areas. Better scrub with a clean cloth dipped in a special metal cleanser instead.

Separate Different Metals

Metals are quite sensitive materials. Different metals don’t like coming into contact with each other. When they do, they often react by breaking down in a process called electrolytic corrosion. It’s dangerous when the metals in question are on your roof. The last thing you want is a streak of corrosion on your roof caused by a copper pipe laying on top of your galvanised steel roof.

Paint the Roof

One of the reasons why many households prefer metal roofing to other types of roof is that it can be painted in the colour or style they want. They can even paint it based on a certain occasion or even to match a newly installed siding. To achieve a fine roof painting, consider using professional roof painting services from premier roofing companies in Auckland like GMZ Roofing.

Paint improves not just your metal roof’s aesthetic appeal but more importantly its protection against the elements. Roof painting professionals are highly trained in coating all kinds of roof and use only the highest quality paint products. They know exactly the kind and brand of paint that could meet the highest roof coating standards.