Roof inspection

Ensuring safety is one of the integral parts of what we do at GMZ Roofing. Our roof inspection services are focused on the detailed diagnosis of your roof, based on which we provide an easy-to-understand inspection report, followed by the best roofing advice and care.

Why is roof inspection important?

There are many roof problems which wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if you had an expert to inspect your roof on a regular basis. When you hire us, we send out one of our qualified experts to thoroughly examine your roof for any leakage or problematic areas which could lead to expensive repairs in the future. Having identified the problem there and then, it is curbed early on and at a relatively low price.

How often do you need roof inspection service?

If you have a newly installed roof, it can go up to 1 year without any wear and tear. After that, it is advisable to call in roof inspection experts to make sure there’s no potential damage or expensive repair looming around. During the inspection, our experts will look out for any loose or damaged shingle, as well as any missing or popped nails that need to be hammered in.

We guarantee peace of mind

We are fully insured and trained to work at heights and can reach difficult-to-access areas, to ensure all-round roof protection. With regular roof inspection by our experts, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your roof will be safe and functional until the next routine inspection.

It takes just one phone call

The roof inspection is a quick process that can be performed in minutes and not hours. However, large roofs may take a bit longer than usual, but the benefits are worth the additional time. Give us a call to enquire about our service and get a free price quote instantly. We’d be happy to arrange a roof inspection appointment at your convenience.

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Wall cladding is a great decorative feature and an affordable means to strengthen your walls.

Ensuring safety is one of the integral parts of what we do at GMZ Roofing.

No matter how big or small, GMZ Roofing can handle any commercial and residential roofing project with great finesse and accuracy.

In case your roof is too old to sustain or is damaged beyond repairs, we can safely remove it and install the new to the recommended building code.

Roofs tend to get damaged over time, but with professional repair solutions, it should be as good as new in no time.